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Hydraulic Pipe Fitting
Instrument Pipe Fittings Manufacture Hydraulic Needle Valve Manufacture in India Pressure Gauge Manufacture in Ahmedabad
Technical Specification of Manifolds valve
Types of Manifold Valves 2 Valve Manifolds, 3 Valve Manifolds, 5 Valve Manifolds, Distribution Manifolds
Working Pressure 6000 psi and higher
Gland Seat P.T.F.E Standard
Objects Used SS316, SS304, CS, Hastelloy. Monel etc
Maximum Temperature -20 degree Celsius to +230 degree Celsius depends on different material
Standard Designed and Manufactured to be conventional API/BS/DIN STANDARD
End Connections ¼” & ½” connections to BSP, NPT, BSPT
Operation Pneumatically controlled - Smooth, Easy, Low-Torque, Long life
Body Forged Single Piece CS A 105 Plated, ASTM A 182 F 316 SS, ASTM A 182 F 304 SS, Monel & Hastelloy.
Quality Highest standard in Visual, Materials, Dimensional Accuracy, Operation, Leak-tightness
Testing Each valve is 100% tested to ensure leak-tightness at Shell, Seat and Gland
Application Industries Marine, Process, Sanitary, Petroleum, Automobile, Refrigeration, Electrical & Power and Other Industries.
Instrument Needle Valve Manufacture In India

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What is Manifold valve ?
Application of Manifold valves
Marine Industries
Process Industries
Sanitary Industries
Petroleum Industries
Automobile Industries
Refrigeration Industries
Electrical & Power Industries
Other Industries
Technical Specification of Manifolds valve
Manifold valves Pdf
Type of Manifolds
2 Valve Manifolds
3 Valve Manifolds
5 Valve Manifolds
Distribution Air Headers
Manifold Ball Valve
Manifold Valve Actuator
Instrument Manifolds Valve