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At Ped-Lock, we are very much conscious about the quality of our offered products. Our constant activities have infused a spectral pace in the domain of sustainer of quality standards. Our belief that quality and client satisfaction are directly proportional to each other has enabled us to strongly enforce stringent quality control measures in our manufacturing procedures. We provide utmost importance to the quality of our products, which ensures their meeting international performance and durability standards.

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Our firm possesses quality control labs to check and maintain the quality, stability and performance of the products, team of our quality experts undergoes stringent quality checks at various levels of production. We vigilantly follow international standards and specifications.  Our Company has developed a well planned Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure that its products are in conformance to internationally accepted production standards. Further in our possession we have modern testing facilities to upgrade the qualities of the products. In short, Quality has always been our utmost priority.


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Marine Industries
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