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Application of Manifold valves

We at Ped-Lock Manifold Valves have found its application in numerous industries through manufacturing high-quality comprehensive range of Manifold Valves in Ahmedabad, India. We have developed these types of valves for all industrial applications including severe applications where there is heavy corrosion, high accuracy is required etc. Our manufactured array of these valves is comprehensively used for different industrial applications. We are prepared these valves with modern infrastructure with requisite machines, technologies and accessories. Our manufacturing unit is swallowing with all the latest and advanced technologies and machineries so as to make high quality Valves that are used in varied industries.

We cater to the requirements of varied industries, where our products are widely used. These are:

Manifold Valve India, Pressure Gauge In Gujarat

Our 25 years of expertise and experience in manufacturing of Manifold Valves enable us in offering the products as per the specific necessities of our clients. We make sure that our produced valves meet the specifications of our clients on varied technical, mechanical and chemical parameters.


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What is Manifold valve ?
Application of Manifold valves
Marine Industries
Process Industries
Sanitary Industries
Petroleum Industries
Automobile Industries
Refrigeration Industries
Electrical & Power Industries
Other Industries
Technical Specification of Manifolds valve
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Type of Manifolds
2 Valve Manifolds
3 Valve Manifolds
5 Valve Manifolds
Distribution Air Headers
Manifold Ball Valve
Manifold Valve Actuator
Instrument Manifolds Valve